Photo by The City of Edmonton

Photo by The City of Edmonton

edmonton is by nature, extreme :)

There’s a lot more than extreme sports in Edmonton, but extreme sports are a good place to start.

The Edmonton Storm

The Edmonton Storm play in the Western Women’s Canadian Football League, (WWCFL).

The Edmonton Storm football team

The 2015 Edmonton Storm team roster includes; 1 Emma Goldsney, 4 Cynthia Gauvreau, 5 Jocelyn O., 7 Lauren Vallie, 12 Vanessa Noiseux, 13 Brenna Bouchard, 18 Crystal Cameron, 20 Jess Anderson, 21 Rosslynd Fayant, 22 Lindsay Ertman, 24 Valerie Mcmillan, 25 Colby Schuh, 28 Jessica Robinson, 30 Cypryss Badger, 32 Tanya Henderson, 34 Sarah Deutscher, 42 Shelby P., 44 Roxanne Durand, 46 Darron Bunt, 47 Nicole Stodola, 48 Joyce Pastor, 50 Sanderina Twin, 52 Vanessa Hanks, 55 Nancy Nichvalodoff, 58 Sj Armstrong, 62 Connie Timmons, 64 Sharon Airey, 66 Cherie Coffee, 80 Aria Mcgowan, 82 Lori Kalis, 88 Steph Mackie, and 90 Casey Fisher.

Edmonton Storm Coaches and Staff include; Head Coach - Mike Rowe, Head Coach - Kiki S., Co-Defensive Coordinator - Max Irabor, Co-Defensive Coordinator - Samaji Akili, Offensive Line Coach - Nate Gaigneur, Special Teams/O Line Coach - Shawn Walters, Defensive Line Coach - Joe Williams, Receiver Coach - Mark Jewell, Strength and Conditioning Coach - Steph Liew, Trainer - Elizabeth Airey, and Trainer - Dan Fisher.

Football is The Great Canadian Game. The Edmonton Storm shows football is the game everyone can enjoy.

The Edmonton Storm came 2nd as the Regina Riot defeated the Edmonton Storm for the WWCFL title on July 5.

Here is the Edmonton Storm on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdmontonStormFootball

Extreme Edge

The Extreme Edge Skating Club is a non-profit organization, with on- and off-ice skating programs designed and delivered by highly experienced professional coaching staff.

Extreme Planets

Telus World of Science presents an immersive full-dome experience on what makes planets Earth-like, and explores several planets that might fit the conditions we enjoy here on Earth.

Xtreme FC Club

Edmonton Minor Soccer Association is dedicated to the development of youth soccer, and provide soccer programs for all ages and skill levels.

Sky Screamer Extreme Waterslide

Point of view camera down the Sky Screamer Extreme waterslide at the World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall

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