Bus photo by David A. Wyatt

Skyline photo by The City of Edmonton, bus photo by David A. Wyatt.

edmonton is a transportation hub, Bub :)

Long called the “Gateway to the North”, Edmonton is also an urban public transportation pioneer, with the Edmonton Radial Railway Service running streetcars as early as 1908.

Edmonton Transit

Edmonton has long had a reliable public transit service. After all, when it hits minus 30C in the winter the bus schedule becomes a matter of some importance.

Edmonton Transit System has continually progressed with technology in vehicles, practices and software.

The on-line ETS Trip Planner allows to you plan your trip using transit by date and time, stop number, landmark, intersection, or address.

The ETS Live To Go app is available for download, along with more than a dozen other ETS schedule apps created by third parties.

LRT North Saskatchewan River crossing

LRT crossing the North Saskatchewan River. Photo by The City of Edmonton

ETS Zero-Tolerance Campaign

Edmonton Transit wants everyone to feel safe when they are riding the bus or the LRT. ETS has launced a Safety and Security campaing to help riders who feel threatened on the service. The Edmonton Journal and filed this report of their interview with Edmonton Transit System General Manager of Transportation, Dorian Wandzura.

Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport is the fastest growing and largest Canadian airport. Edmonton International Airport serves over eight million passengers each year with non-stop connections to over 60 destinations across Canada, the US, and overseas.

Edmonton International Airport Tower

Edmonton International Airport Tower. Photo Copyright NAV CANADA

The flyeia.com website offers a lot of information on travelling to and from Edmonton.

Arrivals and Departures are listed at this webpage: http://flyeia.com/flights

Information on ground transportation to and from the airport is listed at this webpage: http://flyeia.com/coming-and-going

Things to do (shop!) if you’re waiting at the airport are listed on this webpage: http://flyeia.com/shop-dine-relax

Sales promotions and contests are listed on this webpage: http://flyeia.com/rewards

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